Hello Lindsay Lions!

I am Mrs. Markiewicz (Nurse M) the school nurse here at Lindsay Middle School. I want to welcome all returning and new students and their families to Lindsay Middle School. It is always my pleasure to care for your students each year. Although we are beginning this year with virtual learning, I am available for any health/medical questions or concerns you may have. As your school nurse, I can not diagnose illnesses or conditions but I can assess your child’s health and make my recommendations. My philosophy is students should begin to be active participants in their own healthcare. I want to help make you and your child/children feel comfortable and safe as we navigate our way through this school year. Please feel free to contact me via email, phone, or zoom.

A healthy mind and body promote academic excellence!

Elizabeth Markiewicz RN, BSN, NCSN

Donna Hill, Health Clerk

Office phone 757-825 4567, Fax: 757-825-4839

Reduce the Risk of Covid

Reduce the spread of the COVID 19 (and illness in general)

Remember to:

Wash your hands,

Cover your cough

Stay home sick

Wear a mask

Social distance

Please wear your mask properly when in the building