Open House 2020

Welcome Back Lindsay Lions

VIRTUAL Open House
Recorded Thursday,
September 3, 2020

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Virtual Schedule

Office Staff

Click on the "link" for each Staff/Teacher


  • Elizabeth "Nurse M" Markiewicz, BSN, RN, NCSN (link)

  • Donna Hill, Health Clerk


  • Melanie Parker, School Librarian (link)


  • Director: Tiffany Sutton (Last names beginning with A-L)

  • Counselor: Lois Parson (Last names beginning with M-Z)

  • Registrar and Guidance Secretary: Mary Moore

  • Guidance (Link)

Title I Family Engagement

  • Family Engagement Specialist: Diamond Torres (Link)

Special Education

  • Ms. Desha Bert- Functional; Math & Science (Link)

  • Ms. Jacqueline Keener- Multiple Disabilities; Language Arts & Social Studies (Link)

  • Ms. L. Mallory- Functional (IA)

  • Ms. S. Womack- Multiple Disabilities (IA)

  • Link to Welcome presentation

  • Amica Marrow- Speech/Language

  • Caitlyn White- Adapted P.E.

  • Tristan Brown- Deaf/HoH Specialist

  • Makalla Routten- Assistive Technology Specialist

6th Grade

6th Grade Math

  • Jason Dudley (link)

  • Virgil Herring (link)

  • Parker Kiser (link)

  • Travis Oliver (link)

  • Gloria Robinson-Sessoms (link)

6th Grade English/LA

    • Karen Bean (link)

    • Natalie Clark (link)

    • Felicia Elbert (link)

    • Patricia Favor (link)

    • Lawrencia Ferdnance (link)

6th Grade Science

  • Nancy Diggs (link)

  • John Larson (link)

  • Bianca Williams (IA)

6th Grade Social Studies

    • David Porter (link)

    • Richard Scarper (link)

7th Grade

7th Grade Math

7th Grade English/LA

  • Michelle Artis

  • Natalie Clark (link)

  • Andrea Hogge (link)

  • Andre Richardson (link)

  • Sherry Scott (link)

7th Grade Science

  • Nancy Diggs (link)

  • Ruby Lane (IA)

  • LaChaunda Madison (link)

7th Grade Social Studies

    • Robyn Ashe (IA)

    • Aaron Olson (link)

    • David Porter (link)

8th Grade

8th Grade Math

  • Ms. V. Hollifield (link)

  • Mr. V. Jones (link)

  • Mr. T. Oliver (link)

  • Ms. M. Poole (link)

  • Mrs. A. Young (link)

8th Grade English/LA

  • Ms. J. Paige (link)

  • Ms. J. Booth (link)

  • Mr. B. McLean (link)

  • Ms. T. Dukelow (link)

  • Mrs. L. Singleton (link)

8th Grade Science

  • Ms. C. Adams (IA)

  • Ms. T. Kersey (link)

  • Mr. G. Smith (link)

8th Grade Civics/Economics


Physical Education

  • Stephen Elliott (link)

  • Alison Valrey (link)

  • Eric Williams (link)

  • William Yates (link)


  • Business - Richard Evans (link)

  • Band - Jason Jenifer (link)

  • Tech Ed. - Ms. Lassiter (link)

  • Chorus - Marques Maxsom-Taylor (link)

  • Art - Paige Parker (link)

  • Spanish - Danelle Wright (link)


  • Intervention Reading - Carmen Faison (link)

  • Literacy Intervention - Lorraine Foxx (link)

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) - Paige Johnson (link)