School Information 2

Agenda:  Your child will receive an agenda at the beginning of the school year. The agenda is a major form of communication between the school and home. Students are expected to have their agendas with them every day. They write their homework in their agendas and have you look at it nightly. It is their hall pass and has their library bar code in it to check out books. Communications from teachers will come home in the agenda and parents may communicate with teachers using the agenda. It is a tool for organization; a skill that many middle level children need.

Attendance:  Lindsay Middle School expects students to maintain good attendance in all classes. Morning announcements begin promptly at 8:55am. Students are expected to be in class prior to that time, ready to learn. We ask that you make every effort to schedule appointments for your student before or after school. If you need to pull your student out of school for an appointment, please send a note with your student to the main office first thing in the morning. The office staff will verify the note with the parent/guardian. Students will be in the office when you arrive to pick them up. You must bring a pictured ID. Please note your student's lunch time and avoid an early dismissal during that time.  

Clinic:  The clinic helps students cope with illness and injury in the school environment.  Please make sure your child has ALL the required immunizations and provide proof to the Clinic.  Please make sure your child's yellow emergency card has CORRECT telephone numbers and accurate medical information.  NEVER send a sick child to school (fevers 100 degrees or greater, persistent cough, stomach ache, etc.)  Please inform the Clinic if your child has something contagious (pink eye, head lice, etc.)  Please dress your child for the weather (coats on cold days, etc.) and per school policy (see your student handbook)


Immunizations needed for School!
6th grade students MUST have the following immunizations before starting school: 
-TDap booster within the last five years (also written as T, TD, DTap-diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertusis)
It is the parent's responsiblity to take care of immunizations and to provide proof to the school. If you have questions or are not sure what the shot record means, please call Health Services (727-2363) or the Lindsay Clinic (
825-4567)  You can obtain the required shots from your health care provider, military clinic, or local health department. 

All shots required for school are given FREE of CHARGE at the Hampton Health Department, located at 3130 Victoria Blvd., phone number (757) 727-1172.

Dress Code:  Students are expected to follow the guidelines set forth in the Rights & Responsibilities Handbook for dress code. Administration has final ruling on fads. Please be aware of a few of the basics when you buy back to school clothing. Clothes may not have any violent or inappropriate messages. This includes weapons displayed, cigarette, alcohol or drug paraphernalia. Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length all the way around. Shirts should not display cleavage or midriffs. Tank tops are not permitted in middle school. Pants must be worn at the waist.  Please encourage your child to dress in layers as it gets cooler outside. Students are not allowed to wear coats during the school day for safety reasons. They may wear hoodies (without the hoods on their heads while in the building) or other fleece-type jackets. If in doubt, please ask your child to take the garment to an administrator for clarification. Remind your child to take hats and other headwear off before entering the building. Students may carry their P.E. clothes in drawstring bags but may not use the drawstring bags as purses or bookbags during the school day.