Lindsay Middle School
1636 Briarfield Road
Hampton, VA 23661

Office Phone: 757-825-4560

Guidance Phone: 757-825-4569

Clinic Phone: 757-825-4567

Elizabeth Markiewicz - RN
Donna Hill - Health Clerk

Clinic:  The clinic helps students cope with illness and injury in the school environment.  Please make sure your child has ALL the required immunizations and provide proof to the Clinic.  Please make sure your child's yellow emergency card has CORRECT telephone numbers and accurate medical information.  NEVER send a sick child to school (fevers 100 degrees or greater, persistent cough, stomach ache, etc.)  Please inform the Clinic if your child has something contagious (pink eye, head lice, etc.)  Please dress your child for the weather (coats on cold days, etc.) and per school policy (see your student handbook).


Immunizations needed for School:
6th grade students MUST have the following immunizations before starting school: 
-TDap booster within the last five years (also written as T, TD, DTap-diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertusis)
It is the parent's responsiblity to take care of immunizations and to provide proof to the school. If you have questions or are not sure what the shot record means, please call Health Services (727-2363) or the Lindsay Clinic (825-4567). You can obtain the required shots from your health care provider, military clinic, or local health department. All shots required for school are given FREE of CHARGE at the Hampton Health Department, located at 3130 Victoria Blvd., phone number (757) 727-1172.

Attendance:  Lindsay Middle School expects students to maintain good attendance in all classes. Morning announcements begins promptly at 8:55am. Students are expected to be in class prior to that time, ready to learn. We ask that you make every effort to schedule appointments for your student before or after school. If you need to pull your child out of school for an appointment, please send a note to the main office first thing in the morning. The office staff will verify the note with the parent/guardian. Students will be in the office when you arrive to pick them up. You must bring a pictured ID. Please note your child's lunch time and avoid an early dismissal during that time.  Students are dismissed at 3:49pm.

Our Vision

Hampton City Schools is the first choice for academic lifelong success for every single student.

We, the Lindsay Middle School Community, are dedicated to provide equity and excellence through varied learning opportunities.

We will be a community that nurtures academic excellence for all students and promote stellar leadership in a character-rich environment.

We offer a vast array of innovative programs and groups that support the school community.

We are united in our belief that every student will achieve their maximum potential in an inspiring, challenging, and collaborative learning environment.

Our Mission

Hampton City Schools will create school experiences to ensure that all students learn and demonstrate skills needed for lifelong learning.

The mission of Lindsay Middle School is to prepare learners to think, give, and work successfully in local or global communities.

We attain this by fostering a multicultural and diverse environment for character development, and implement collaborative, research-based programs to ensure academic rigor.

We do this so our students develop into responsible and productive citizens.

C. Alton Lindsay Middle School

Named after educator and community leader, C. Alton Lindsay, Lindsay Middle School opened in 1969. Mr. Lindsay was hired by Elizabeth City County as the principal of Armstrong Elementary. It was said that he knew every student by name and about the child’s family.

May 18, 1942, he was elected Superintendent of Schools for Elizabeth City County, City of Hampton and Town of Phoebus. He was 38 years old and would reside in his office at Syms-Eaton Academy until 1968 when he retired. While superintendent, Mr. Lindsay saw the school population grow a thousand students each year for 26 years. Hampton had one of the first vocational schools. Schools were integrated in 1968 under his leadership and kindergartens added in the 1960’s. He purchased more land than any other citizen in the area and built 28 schools.

One of his happiest moment was when C.Alton Lindsay Middle School was named for him, just before he retired, June 30, 1968.